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Since 1989 our activity includes bred pure wild boars. The activity has made us today a leader in the agritourist sector. 

Guests can admire them in their open spaces. Once a year, generally in summer they give birth to little wild boars. 

Their role in farmhouse is easy to understand, they are treated with respect and fed twice a day and besides being a tourist attraction, they also provide meat for our business needs.  


Since always the core of our agritourist activity, the breeding includes mostly purebred Oriental horses mainly raised on pasture. All the horses are born and raised in farm, they are docile, sharp but skillfully trained for short and long trails. Their genealogy has been always accurately selected, making the horses suitable for country riding both for beginners and experts.

Thanks to our experience and professional training, horseback rides and tours around Sicily are 

source of pride whithin the equitourist panorama of the Isle.

Wild boars

cavalli al pascolo
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